3 Priorities Every Seller Should Have

With the seller market being so hot right now, you might expect your house to be snatched up by a buyer no matter what. But this isn’t the case. Before you list your house, make sure you have your priorities straight. Here are the three things that should be your top priorities when listing your home for sale in La Jolla.

1. A Flawless First Impression
The odds of a potential buyer’s personal style matching yours are slim. Many buyers lack imagination. They see your design preferences and they have a hard time envisioning how a home would look with their own furniture and décor. The best way to give their imaginations a little help is with professional staging. Getting your home clean, removing personal photos and sentimental items, and using staged décor instead will make your La Jolla home for sale look much more appealing to the average buyer.

2. A Business Mindset
It’s understandable that you’re emotionally attached to your home. You’ve likely lived there for years or even decades. But being too emotionally invested in the transaction won’t help you or the buyer. Parting with your home for sale in La Jolla is a business transaction and should be treated accordingly.

This is a major reason why working with a real estate professional who is not emotionally invested is in the best interest of everyone involved. From marketing the home to negotiating the price to closing the sale, a real estate agent’s expertise will benefit you.

3. An Accurate Listing Price
Your house will attract the most buyers when it’s accurately priced. You want the price to be accurately listed from the start. If you price too high, the home will likely sit without an offer longer. Even after you lower the price, buyers will assume they can offer you less because you’re sick of waiting. On the other hand, when a house is appropriately priced, it will entice more buyers and that means more money for you.

Get Your Priorities Straight with the Horton Realty Team
When you have these three priorities when listing your La Jolla home for sale, you will be putting your best foot forward as a seller. If you’re in the San Diego area and you’re selling your home, get in touch with the Horton Realty Team. No one works harder than we do for the good of our clients!

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