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Mission Hills

Located just west of Hillcrest and overlooking Mission Valley and Presidio Park, Mission Hills is one of San Diego’s oldest and most desirable neighborhoods. The area was developed in the early 1900s and is one of the most architecturally impressive neighborhoods in the county.

From charming craftsman bungalows to Spanish and Dutch colonial style homes, Mission Hills overflows with unique, historic residences. More than 100 heritage homes present many architectural styles and help to create the neighborhood’s welcoming appeal in Mission Hills Historic District.

Once a streetcar suburb, the Fort Stockton Line Historic District showcases its own bountiful charm with inviting homes that once surrounded Streetcar Line No. 3. Spectacular estates edge the area’s many canyons, offering incredible views and secluded, spacious living as well. And if that isn’t enough you’re living nearby some of San Diego’s major freeways, allowing you to get to places like Balboa Park, SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, and venues like the San Diego Padres Stadium, in a flash!

Mission Hills is known for its locally owned restaurants, shops, and pubs. Nearly all businesses are within walking distance for its residents and to the community of Hillcrest as well. There are two parks in Mission Hills, Pioneer Park and Mission Hills Park that are highly utilized for picnics, walking dogs, playgrounds, and relaxing while enjoying the beautiful San Diego weather. In addition to the parks is an outdoor theatre that seasonally plays new and classic movies.

As far as your neighbors, Mission Hills boasts one of the best, educated populations in the U.S. With 34.9% possessing a Master’s degree or higher, most of its residents make their living as executives, managers, or other professional fields, who in their leisure time, enjoy a thriving cultural scene.

So many people love living in Mission Hills, and it’s easy to see why! With a captivating charm that exudes a small-town ambiance, it’s no surprise why Mission Hills is the go-to area for some living in San Diego!

North/South Park

Curious about what it’s like to live in North Park? As one of San Diego’s most sought after areas, it’s easy to see why so many people love this neighborhood! In recent years, North Park experienced a renaissance, building on its reputation as an ethnically and economically diverse area to become a place vibrating with energy. It both seeks to preserve the gems of the past, while retaining its reputation as a place to be.

Located directly in between the I-8 and I-805 freeway, North Park provides some of the best accessibility around, allowing those in the area to get to places like downtown or to the beach within 10-15 minutes. It also borders Balboa Park, which is directly southwest of the neighborhood. The Park always has events that take place year-round and is home to beautiful gardens and over 17 museums. You can also visit the world famous San Diego Zoo!.

The land itself was bought by James Monroe Hartley in the late 1800s to establish a lemon grove, but a lack of easily-accessible water eventually caused an end to the project. As San Diego grew, Hartley began to refer to the property as “Hartley’s North Park,” and the name stuck. North Park’s first “high-rise” commercial building still stands, built by Hartley’s son in 1912, now known as the Western Dental building.

As you travel the area, you’ll notice many of the historic Craftsman Style, Spanish Style and Victorian Style Tudor homes that can be seen throughout the different neighborhoods. There are also Bungalows and Modern Style homes that have been remodeled and newly rebuilt as well. With all of the Historic Homes in North Park, the neighborhood’s character and style attract people from all over the Country.

As you drive, walk, or bike throughout the area you’ll notice Beautiful historical buildings, colorful murals, and live music are all common sights and sounds. As for the smells, you’ll likely find yourself attracted to one of the many incredible restaurants in the neighborhood, and will enjoy having coffee at one of the amazing coffee shops that North Park has to offer (Cafe Calabria is one of our favorites!). And if you’re into nightlife, there are bars and clubs with some of the best craft cocktails in town! North Park really has it all!

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