San Diego County Has Ended Its Eviction Moratorium. Now What?

For much of the pandemic, renters have been protected by the eviction moratorium at the county, state, or federal level, and sometimes all three. The same has been true for renters in San Diego. In fact, the moratorium stopping evictions in San Diego was stricter than those at the state and federal levels. But, on August 14, San Diego’s strongest eviction protections that even allowed some lease violators to remain in their homes expired.

Other Active Eviction Moratoriums

Although the San Diego eviction moratorium is no longer active, California’s and the federal government’s moratoriums are still shielding tenants for a little longer. Neither of these protections is sticking around much longer since the state provision expires at the end of September and the federal ordinance ends on October 3.

Making Up Back Rent

Before San Diego reintroduced evictions, renters in the county were actually keeping up with their monthly payments better than most on a national scale. While about 80% of renters in other major cities continued making at least partial rent payments, 86.5% of San Diego residents did the same.

Even with this number, there have been some tenants that may have been able to pay their San Diego landlord during the moratorium and simply chosen not to. This could put some renters that have not adequately prepared to pay rent again in an awkward position. The state moratorium was a little murky on when people would have to pay the required 25% of back rent.

Relief Options for San Diego Renters

Renters whose income has been impacted by COVID or who are struggling financially because of medical bills should qualify for relief payments, as long as they have sufficient documentation that their struggle is due to COVID. Unfortunately, even with this money available, some have worried that the public hasn’t been informed enough about these resources to apply for them. Language barriers could make it even more difficult for some San Diego residents to apply for assistance.

From San Diego Landlord to San Diego Seller

While the pandemic is still not over, the upcoming evictions are one sign of things returning back to semi-normal. For landlords who are hurting, it’s certainly a welcome change. If you’re looking to sell once your tenants leave, make sure you get in touch with the Horton Realty Team. We’ll make sure the process is a smooth one!

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