San Diego Housing Market Predictions Fall 2021

You don’t have to keep a close eye on the housing market to know that the last year and a half has been rather unprecedented, marked by inventory continuously on the decline and house prices continually skyrocketing. But all of that could change for San Diego homes for sale in the fall. This is a welcome change for buyers who have been drowning in a seller’s market for what may have felt like an eternity.

August 2021 House Prices

House prices did continue to go up over the summer as they’ve been doing for over a year now. In August, median house prices were up 15% from the previous year.

That being said, the price increases haven’t been as dramatic as they were earlier this year. While a few months ago you’d rarely see a home sell without a buyer offering significantly more than the asking price, things are cooling off. Buyers are more likely to actually get the home they want for the price it’s listed at.

The Hope of More Inventory

While there has not been enough of a change to see price drops as a pattern among homes for sale in San Diego, we have started to see some price drops here and there. One factor in this is a slight uptick in inventory. For many months, sellers have been in no rush to list because they’ve been in total control of the market. Buyers were always the ones having to compromise. Now, with fears that we’ve had too much of a good thing on the rise, sellers that have delayed listing are starting to become nervous. If enough of them choose to list, we may see enough improvement in inventory for things to balance out a little more.

Make no mistake: there’s still plenty of activity happening in the market. It’s just not quite as hot as it was last year or even a few months ago

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