The Multi-Generational Housing Trend

2020 was the year that more and more families decided to make the switch to multiple generations living under one roof. From March to April 2020, the demand for multi-generational properties jumped from 11% to 15%. In 2021, this trend is still going strong!

While the idea of three or more generations living under one roof may sound like a nightmare to some people, there are many benefits to it. It can be cheaper if there are more people sharing in the costs of utilities, groceries, and the like. Even if everyone isn’t chipping in monetarily, there are more people to help out with chores, house maintenance, or even childcare.

3 Tips for Buyers Looking for Multi-Generational Housing

If you’re a buyer hoping to start living the multi-generational lifestyle, here are some tips for finding the home for sale in San Diego that’s best suited to your needs.

1. Consider Needs, Not Just Size

When you want a home to fit multiple generations, the obvious thing to look for is lots of square footage. But don’t have tunnel vision where you’re only focused on size. Think about how the space functions. For example, if an elderly parent is living with you, just having the space for them isn’t as enough. You want to make sure there’s plenty of space for them on the first floor rather than the basement or the third floor so they won’t be forced to constantly use the stairs.

2. Buy with the Future in Mind

If you’re committed to multi-generational living, make sure that the homes you’re looking at will fit the future needs of all generations involved. For example, maybe your parents have no mobility issues right now, but in a couple of years, accessible features will become much more important. Don’t forget that the needs of your kids will change as they age as well. If you have kids on the brink of their teen or even tween years, make sure there are spaces in the home that will give them privacy.

3. Use Your Realtor to Your Advantage

Most importantly, make sure that you talk to your realtor about what you’re looking for in a multi-generational property. At the HortonRealty Team, we’ve worked with clients seeking a wide variety of living situations. We’ll carefully listen to your needs and help you find your dream home for sale in San Diego. To get started, get in touch today!

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